The Modern Way to Get Engaged

Save the Ring You Want Find the Ring They Saved

For hundreds of years, couples have had the same problem when getting engaged. You know exactly what engagement ring you want, while your partner is in the dark. Yet you both want to keep the proposal a surprise.

Hintley fixes proposals:

Save your dream rings to a private profile accessible only to the one you love.

Your partner can secretly find your choices and get advice from our ring gurus.

We source the ring at the best price & you get the perfect surprise proposal!

What people are saying

  • Nicole & Nick
    “Seriously, how did people used to get engaged? All I did was save my favorite rings to Hintley, and a few months later Nick proposed with the perfect one! Plus he was able to keep it all a surprise.”
  • Robyn & Robert
    “When Robert proposed I was taken by complete surprise, it was absolutely fantastic! He got the exact ring I wanted and it was literally a fairy tale proposal!”
  • Tom & Marina
    “I was able to find Marina's ring size and make all the preparations in secret, and then propose. We were both so thankful we didn't take the ring shopping route, as that didn't feel as genuine and exciting to us.”